Finding new trails


I haven’t gotten out into the woods an done an honest-to-goodness trail run in a while. This week I have actually managed to resume a solid training schedule, so I wanted to make my ‘long run’ this weekend really count.

‘Long Run’ feels a little bit like a misnomer, because this time last year, 6.2mi would have been a solid mid-week run for me, with no problem. However, the last year has included some injuries, weight gain, and a general loss of fitness. I want to make sure that I build up gradually, and take care of myself, so this week my long run was limited to a 10k.

I found a really pretty park nearby, with a 6.4mi loop. Sure enough, for now that trail is closed for maintenance (wah waaaah…..). Thankfully there were lots of other trails to choose from, and so I managed to make a 10k for this morning’s workout. 20151212_102215 (1).jpg

It was a really pretty trail, and considering it’s the middle of December, there was an awful lot of green to be seen. Granted, it’s been in the 60’s for the last week or so, but still.


Accidentally snapped this one. It’s amazing how long it takes me to find the camera on my phone, but I managed to snap a couple of pictures without even realizing it!

It was a good day. I’m glad I got to spend some of it running outside 🙂


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